A Historic Time for Chinese

A Historic Time for Chinese

C919 takes off for maiden flight.

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May 5th, 2017. This day is doomed to extraordinary since the C919 finally flew out!


It's not only a China's first big passenger plane but also a jumbo with completely independent intellectual property rights. C919 embodies three generations of air one's youth and pay!

Acceleration and acceleration!

Finally, it light to lift the front wheel, leapt into the sky!

SKY, the C919 is here!

Last century sixty's decade, there are some ironic coming from overseas, said that China is a “wingless Eagle”, mocked the civilian transport have lagged behind. Nowadays, the C919 will be a more advanced design, power and electrical auxiliary equipment, to meet international best selling airliner Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 series challenge!!


From creation to first flight, ten years long, the C919 and steady, at every step. In the meanwhile, Melors has been practicing "to the best quality and most competitive price to serve the customer" philosophy since its inception, make every detail of production and service. I believe that you can find this from our products like faux teak sheet, deck pad and traction pad.


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