A New Sport of SUP

A New Sport of SUP

Paddle Board Yoga - combine travel with exercise

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Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga), as its name suggests is placed on the water, paddle Board, yoga itself, these postures are adjusted on the basis of traditional yoga poses. Since it is the perfect combination of the two, we have to separate from the project's start. This emerging movement is the most important equipment outdoor paddle Board (SUP), the volume slightly larger than a surfboard, and can be used for speed skating and surfing. Paddle Board in Hawaii, is a branch of surf sports.


Paddle Board Yoga developed in North America began in the early 21st century, in recent years, with the number of participating populations and the pushing of paddle Board brand, led the global development of the sport. BOGA paddle plate & Surfboard Company in 2010 produced the world’s first designed for yoga paddle plate BOGA YOGA, through yoga, Music Festival and North America's most popular Wanderlust as well as global Ambassador Team paddles paddle Board Yoga Wake human love nature conscious lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that, BOGA floating Yoga Studio that pioneered new ideas extends to the Yoga Studio where all global water resource has calm. More Yoga to expand boundaries, using paddles instead of yoga mats, Yoga Studio and moved to the embrace of nature.


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