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Some ways help you wax the surfboard.

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How to Wax The Surfboard?

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Surfing is an exciting, stylish, fun and unique sport. We enjoy in the sea, consumption of our physical strength, and regain our energy, exercise our bodies, enjoy happiness.

Surfboard is our entertainment tool. Thus, the good surfboard is also need to wax, played a wax surfboard, more effectively increase the body and the friction of the board, Non-slip, stable, standing on the board more stable, sitting on the surfboard is also easier to sit straight. Surf Board wax (non-slip wax, surf wax) is a special wax, mainly composed of wax, vegetable oil, rosin, resin and natural essential oils.

Generally use two kinds of wax, bottom wax and flour wax. Most of the surface wax is optimized for different water temperatures, using different surface waxes depending on the water temperature.

To make the board play the most role, often maintenance and maintenance is essential, although not regularly scraping wax, waxing, is a seemingly troublesome thing, but also a good protection for the surfboard.

For surfers who love surfing, everyone should have some wax comb. Before waxing, use the wax comb to scrape the wax off the surfboard and clean it with cloth, if you can't find a wax comb at a time, you can take a plastic card instead of a wax comb. After cleaning, the first step:

First, the bottom wax oblique to the drawing line on the surfboard board surface to increase viscosity, so that the surface wax can play a good role.

Second: Draw one side and use the same method to slant the other side.

Third: Choose the right surface wax according to the water temperature and make a circular smear on the painted bottom wax.

Fourth: Finish the wax with a wax comb. After you have waxed the wax, you can go to the sea and enjoy surfing.




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