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How to pratice Hydrofoil?

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Having watched and spoken with many people learning to hydrofoil with a kite, its obvious to see that those that have experience riding a surfboard progress faster and have a more enjoyable start to their foiling progression.  And What to practice to speed up your hydrofoil progression?

1. Understanding Weight Distribution

a. On a twintip you control power and speed by driving off your back foot.

b. On a surfboard your weight is more balanced between your feet and you can put lots, or all of your weight over your front foot when needed.

c. On a hydrofoil, front foot pressure is essential, its hard to express just how fundamental a change of stance it is. It keeps the board in the water when you are first learning and then its what keeps the board balanced on the foil as you rise out of the water.

2. Try Strapless

Riding strapless on a surfboard will speed up your understanding of front foot pressure even quicker. Straps allow you to be less precise with your weight distribution, getting you out of trouble if your weight drifts back at the wrong moment. Lose the straps and there are no excuses or hidden issues, youll quickly have to learn to keep your weight forward or youll come off more regularly than you might imagine.

3. Gybing and Carving Turns

On a twintip a carving turn requires you to edge hard though the turn. Youll quickly learn on a hydrofoil your board and kite control needs to be far more delicate and precise. A surfboard with its extra volume, longer rails and larger fins allow you to practice more gentle gybes and once again with that all important front foot pressure. Toeside riding and the foot change when gybing all follow on directly from those on a surfboard.


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