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Yacht, used to be synonymous with top-notch luxury.

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Playing Yacht Raiders

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Yacht, used to be synonymous with top-notch luxury. In fact, with the yacht function and design increasingly diverse, "play yacht" has become a fashion pro-people's sports and leisure mode. Even if you are only in the middle class, you have the ability to play the sea mansion. Yachts are not just enjoyed by the rich people, they are also open to the public. For example, yacht charter and yacht Travel, individuals and companies can hire yachts to host individual parties. In addition, if you want to host a special wedding, you can also consider renting a yacht, including the cruise and the French restaurant buffet two, the cost of 30,000-80,000, compared to a five-star hotel to do the wedding is much cheaper, but this romantic is commendable. Many people like the sea-view wedding photo, yacht will also launch a wedding photography package, a professional photographer to help you in the blue sky in the ocean, the price is also very popular.

The yacht is only in the TV screen can see the luxury, how to play? how to get close to it? listen to the professionals to introduce us to enjoy the yacht full raiders.


How to buy a yacht

Yacht is actually very simple. At home and abroad the yacht company will be stationed in the various yacht terminals, customers can directly through the yacht bonded warehouse to purchase foreign yachts. Select the model directly under the order, the duration is usually half a year. The price of the yacht ranged from hundreds of thousands of to tens of millions of, and the skiff was between 200,000 and 2 million RMB, and the main leisure yacht prices were mostly in 1 million-4 million yuan, and the price was above 5 million RMB for luxury yacht. The larger the size of the yacht, the more luxurious the interior decoration, the more expensive the price. In general, Taiwan-made yachts in China are 2/3 the price of American yachts, half of Italy's. British yacht prices are even higher.


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