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Some often asked questions and answers of EVA boat flooring

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 1

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As one of our best seller, EVA boat flooring, aka EVA faux teak sheet, has been sold to many countries, many boat builders and many boat lovers. With the high quality of our production standard and the special features itself like soft, durable, easy to install & clean and no maintenance needed, it is becoming more and more common to see on boats, compared with traditional real teak and PVC teak flooring.


And we have no surprise, most of customers are trying our EVA boat flooring with questions and concerns. Here we will list some often asked questions and answers, for the one who is still struggling for new thing.


1. Do I need extra glue to apply your sheets on the boat deck?

    Basically, no need for extra glue. But it can be an optional step for the one who have glue like resin glue. You can brush some resin glue on the boat deck, to have the bonding stronger.

                                                                                            EVA Boat Flooring 1


2. I like how the black grooves look, but it is not filled, and will have the water trapped, anything you can do?

    First, based on EVA foam material flooring, to have it looks like teak, we have to use our advanced machine to cut the grooves and show the based color. So people is worrying about the water or dirty being hard to get out for our boat flooring. We don’t plan to fill the grooves with something they do for PVC teak, and we also believe no reason to do that. The EVA foam material is marine grade and closed cell material, so the boat flooring is waterproof at all. And it can be clean with just water easily, the dirt can be flushed by water in no sec.

EVA Boat Flooring 2 


3.  The size of your sheets has limitation, I need a larger flooring, but I don’t like the joint. Anything you can suggest?

     Well, this is a very typical OCD issue. And we truly understand that. With the grooves it has, the joint on width can be invisible, only not the length. From the aspect of product itself, the biggest length of our EVA boat flooring is 250cm, and due to the limitation of production, we cannot make it any longer yet. Of course, our R&D department and production department is aware of this issue and working on it.

EVA Boat Flooring 3 

EVA Boat Flooring 4


4. How long can your flooring last? 

    Always remember nothing last forever. But in a proper use, it can last around 5-7 years. And never wear a high heel on it, it is durable, but not that durable. :-)

EVA Boat Flooring 5 


So it will be all these for now, and will keep update on the Q & A of our product. Also feel free to leave a message to us if you have any other question.


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