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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 4

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Today will be back to topic of EVA customized boat flooring, proudly made by our CNC machine.


1. What’s your thickness options for customized boat flooring?

Our stocked material to make the flooring is in 6mm thickness, which is 3mm bottom plus 3mm top. This is the most common and standard thickness for the product like this. We can also make a thicker material like 20mm thickness, which is 17mm bottom plus 3mm top. For the other thickness requirements, please contact us for reference.

EVA Boat Flooring 


2. Can I have different color combinations rather than yours?

Please advise the colors you need to us, then we can see if we have those material in stocked or if we can get similar ones. If the colors need to be based on exactly pantone color, it may need a certain minimum order quantity.

EVA Boat Flooring 2 


3. Can I have your price per square meter?

Actually, it won’t work for the quotation of customized boat flooring. First, of course, we need to check how many material we need to cut, this is part of the cost. And second, which is more complicated, we need to see how’s the design to confirm if we need less or more time to setup the routing in computer, and for the CNC to route. Simpler design, less time and cost. More complicated design, more time and cost. To sum up, what we need to review is the size and pattern to offer a quotation.


That will be all today. And we are going to have Spring Festival Holiday, for the customized boat flooring, there is still a chance to fulfill before the production department close down. Contact us now!


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