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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 5

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 5

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Today will be back to topic of EVA customized boat flooring, proudly made by our CNC machine.


1. Do you have any DXF file for our reference so that we can know what kind of DXF file you need to cut the pattern?

Sure, we have sample file for your reference, please leave your email to us, then we will send the design file to you.


2. Can the boat flooring be in single color like all black?

Of course single color is not a problem. But based on single color, the whole boat flooring may lost its sense on pattern or logo, cause the pattern won’t be easy to see.


3. Will the brush lines follow the groove lines when you cut the boat mats?

Normally, the brush lines won’t always follow the grooves lines. Cause when we are setting up the route in CNC computer, we need to place different pieces together to fill in a space like 235cm x 115cm, so that we won’t waste any material, the cost can be lowest. Due to we place different pieces without a certain direction, the finished product you see will have brush lines sometime does and sometime does not follow the groove lines.

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