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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 2

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 2

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By the crazy selling of EVA boat flooring product, we are excited about many comments from our customers. We don’t plan to show off here. Today, we are going to continue some frequently asked question about the flooring, to help those who have question or doubt.


1. What if the edge or corner of the flooring is slightly up after using for a while?

As we stated, the adhesive on the backing of boat flooring we provided is strong, and waterproof, can be used on marine application. However, we cannot the compromise sometime since the cases can be various. So you can access to resin glue, then this won't be a problem. Just brush some of resin glue on the off part, then put something heavy on it for a while, it will stick again. Below photo if the resin glue that we use a lot.

EVA Boat Flooring 


2. The adhesive on some  floorings is founded shrink and with bubbles, what can I do?

First, the foam is a material that can be shrink very slightly because of the difference of temperature, by the slightly shrink of foam, it will make the adhesive paper shrink too and maybe with bubbles. As time goes by, it is very common to shrink. What you can do is to peel off the adhesive paper easily, then use something like heavy roller to roll the adhesive paper to be flat again. Not a hard job, below is the video for instruction. 


Plus, Melors is going to have Spring Festival Holiday, the biggest holiday in China on Feb, for nearly a month and back to on March. If would like to place order and have it fulfilled before holiday, please feel free to contact us now!


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