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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 6

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 6

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Today is still the topic of EVA boat flooring.


1. Can we have the sheets with wider top brown color?

No and yes. No is because that based on our current mold roller, the sheets after cutting is with fixed width of brown color and black strip. Yes is because with a customized mold roller, then we can have the sheets coming with wider top brown color. Of course, a new mold roller needs to be charged with a certain cost.

 EVA Boat Flooring 1


2. Can you make the normal sheets with groove in beleved like your CNC cutting?

The groove cut by CNC machine is beleved, which is nicer than the one in normal sheets. But since the cutting process is different, we cannot have the normal sheets come with beleved grooves, cause the mold roller is fixed, and if we use CNC machine to do the job, it will cost more times and labour cost, which is not competitive. However, we are aware of the demand from our customers, so that we are developing a new mold roller which can cut the beleved grooves easily without CNC machine, will bring it to light soon!

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