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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring

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Some Questions about EVA Boat Flooring Part 3

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Except the common EVA faux teak sheets with straight grooves, we also have customization service for the customers who prefer more personality on their boat flooring.


EVA faux teak sheets is very easy to produce by roll mold cutting, it is more suitable on bulk order. However, to produce a perfect customized boat flooring, it needs an advanced CNC machine basically, some combined bits to cut the pattern, and a master who knows how to set up the route to the CNC computer. People is always after the difference and standing out among groups, that’s why customization on boat flooring is getting our CNC machine crazy busy. So here we will list some questions & answers regarding to this service we provide, hope they can be helpful.


1. What do I need to provide to get a quotation of customized boat flooring?

Normally, it will be better to provide us a DXF file, then we can quote the price. But sometime before you have the DXF file, you may can send a draft with dimensions there to us, that should be also enough to quote the price.


2. What format of file you need for production?

As above, DXF file should be enough. And please make sure the size in the file is 100% actual size, and each single piece should not be more than 230cm x 110cm because of our CNC machine working platform is around this size.


3. You guys can help me to set up the design file based on my boat model?

Well, we cannot do this yet. So we will suggest you to fine someone who can do this for you then send the file to us. We will let you know when we off this service.


4. Can you do any letters or logo on the flooring?

Basically, yes. But please consider the diameter of single route is around 10mm when you set up the design, because this is the diameter of our CNC bit.


So that will be all at this time. And below is some photos of our works that we would like to share with you. Contact us if you are still considering!

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