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Some Questions about EVA Deck Pad

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Some Questions about EVA Deck Pad Part 1

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EVA deck pad has been the major concept in our production line. The product like EVA pads for surfboard or stand up paadleboard, EVA boat flooring, or any other EVA product with textures on the surface that used for different application, they are all developed from the originally EVA deck pad.


Our biggest and most standing out advantages of EVA deck pad is that we have 24 different texture for options. Some have more grip, some are anti-slip but also soft, which helps us to meet the different requirement of customers. Today we will list some frequently asked questions of EVA deck pad for your reference, hopefully it can wipe out your concerns directly.


1. Could you advise which texture of yours is better for traction?

Most of our diamond and square textures can provide more traction than other textures. For diamond texture, such as T-1, T-12, T-16, T-17, T-23. For Square texture, such as T-9, T-13, T-14. Please note that the size of square texture is only in 90cm x 90cm, compare with the diamond textures in 230cm x 90cm.

EVA Deck Pad 1


2. I need to choose one texture that is more comfortable for the feet to stand on the board, what’s your suggestion?

We will suggest you to choose the texture which is made by heat press, or so called embossed. Like T-4 and T-10 texture. And with its sealed surface, it will be easier to clean than other texture. And if you would like add a bit traction based on this case, you may can look at T-15 and T-20 texture.

EVA Deck Pad 2


3. How do you make the logo or pattern on EVA deck pad?

To make the EVA deck pad with logo or colorful patterns, what we do is to use the glue to connect different color EVA pads. Of course, we need to open a mold based on the design, then cut the different part out and glue different color pads together. In some cases, we can also insert the small size PVC / rubber logo into the deck pads. The final details is based on the customers’ design file. The file we will need is PDF or AI with actual size inside.

EVA Deck Pad 3


It will be all today, if you have any other question, please feel free to send the inquiries to us. Always be there for you.


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