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Some tips on choose the surfboard.

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When We Choosing A Surfing Board For Beginners

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First of all to understand the wave plate type:

1. Long board-length of more than 9 feet, suitable for beginners.

2. Short plate-length of 7 feet below, belongs to the technical Wave board.  

3. soft plate-dynamic mobility strong, not limited by the size of the wave, suitable for beginners.

4. floating raft board-board wide, speed change slower, suitable for beginners on the Wave boardpractice.

5. Human surfing-without any tools, the human body in the shallow seaside, swimming, floating in the water, along with the waves and rolling forward.


Personal factor weight (beginner's):

60kg:7.2-8.0 sq ft, 70kg:7.8-8.6 sq ft, 80kg:8.2-9.2 sq ft, 90kg:8.6-10.0 sq ft, the heavier the board is, the bigger the bottom wave is, and the heavier the buoyancy is, the bigger the buoyancy is.


Physical technology:

The better the physical skills, the smaller the board can buy more control performance, but the long board also has long board play, the shorter the smaller the more the more laborious and slippery, and more difficult to ride. Technical experience is very important, want to ease and easy to catch up with the waves, we must increase the board, to practice the strength of a shorter board, but also good action, but the board small with a long tired. Long board suitable for beginners, short board belongs to technical type Wave board for advanced users.



The weight of the board must be more easily broken plate or damage, heavy lifting is more tiring, but more solid. But some players specifically ordered heavy plate, such as 7 feet 2 originally about 6KG, but he would do 9KG, said more stable, the inertia of the larger. And playing the light board of people said too heavy difficult to do the action, light has the advantage of light, so to see their own needs to find suitable.



Wave over the water recommended to find some buoyant things tied to the body, wear a life vest is the best, and have to prepare rescue personnel. When the big wave involved to protect the head and face with the hand, to avoid being hit by the board, the foot rope to be replaced regularly, to have broken rope preparation, to keep other surfboard distance, especially when the big waves, the main rudder is easy to change the best soft, or as far as possible grinding round, foot rope around the feet when not tense, first pull back to the plate floating up again, the break rope will see their own physical strength and swimming technology.


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