Are the Cheap Pads Most Important for You?

Are the Cheap Pads Most Important for You?

Quality and Price is the most commonly considered two aspects when people get ready to buy the pads.

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What is the most important factor you consider when you get ready to buy the pads? Quality or Price? I think this is the most commonly considered two aspects.


I'm always confused, the clients who need high quality but lower price, actually I don’t think it will have such a good thing in the world. High quality often requires good raw materials; (There is no doubt that) go without saying, the good raw material needs a higher purchase price.


If you need the board special also unique, the price should not be the only factor. Quality should be the most important.


And how to prove our quality is good, I think the words are useless before quality, we can send our samples to you, you can check this in person!


First of all, raw material is very important.

For our EVA traction deck pad which made from Marine grade EVA material can provide anti-slip;

Besides, with high density and hardness: 120KGS/M3 and 50 degree. Resisting UV, salt water and heat, etc...

Use this material; the lifetime can reach 5-7 years at least!


Second, we have more than 24 textures, which can make your board more unique, and can attract more customers. In addition, different texture has different slip function, which can be better used in different scenarios.

Are the Cheap Pads Most Important for You

After reading this article, if you still insist that the price is the most important factor? I believe that quality is more important than price, as our company's purpose, “With the best quality, the most competitive prices, help you win your competitors!!”


Please feel free to contact us; we will always be here for you.


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