Business Boarder War - Melors

Business Boarder War - Melors

Such an exciting news! We gained the NO.1 of the achievement rate in the race between foreign trade sales.

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April 13,2017 - May 26,2017 the "Second Border War" which is the Race between foreign trade sales was co-sponsored by Border War Gods Business Association and Huizhou Alibaba. 108 Foreign trade elite total from 19 companies in Huiyang district had joined the ‘Boarder War’, and the race completely succeed. 

Business Boarder War - Melors

During this period, whole members of our company was working so hard for self-breaking also the honor. We enjoyed working on this atmosphere, that make us united like family, supporting each other. In the end, our company gained the NO.1 of the achievement rate in our team. That’ so exciting!

Yesterday, June 15 , we gathered together, held a grand closing ceremony and celebration party. I believe all of us will be better in the future. Thanks for all participants, Huizhou Alibaba and the Border War Gods Business Association.

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