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Customer Feedback

Customer feeback for EVA marine sheet.

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As the alteration of season, it was a hot sale period for our marine sheet. Many sheets have been sold to Australia, USA and Europe, etc.


Particularly worth mentioning is that we've got lots of great photos and feedback from many customers using our EVA marine sheet.


‘Thank you for your email - yes, very happy with the product. I am showing customers over the next few weeks and hope to order more soon.’ - J. Richardson, Australia


‘hello very good in time!!! just arrive your postbag with the deck pad! thx a lot!’ - D. Rueegg, Switzerland


‘I saved a lot of money buying directly from you!’ - P. Miles, America


‘Yes i recieved the product and i am happy with what i recieved.’ - K. Catania, United Kingdom


‘Can't wait to use them and order more’ - A. Gillatt, Australia


And here attach some great photos which customers sent to us.

eva faux teak 1eva faux teak 2eva faux teak sheet 3

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