Different Logo Processes on EVA Pads

Different Logo Processes on EVA Pads

The different processes to produce the logo on EVA traction pad and EVA deck pad.

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Surfing is an exciting, passionate and fashion sport as always.


In the surfing product industry, most of the customers would like to have their own design or own logo on the surfing products. It can be identifiable among different competitors, also an effective way to expand their company and publicize their culture.


Today, take the EVA traction pad & EVA deck pad as sample, we will show you people the different processes to make the logo on the pads.

Logo made by PVC / rubber.


This kind of logo is separately produced by PVC / rubber material. We will ask the PVC / rubber production factory to produce the logos based on the customers’ design. One of the advantages of PVC / rubber logo is that the design can be more detailed than EVA color connect logo, which some of customers will prefer that way on designing. Also, it can be applied on any traction pad design by charging the setup tooling charge only one time.

Logo made by EVA color connect.


First, you may can check above photo first to know how the EVA color connect logo looks like. This is not produced separately compared with PVC / rubber logo. When we are making the mold of the traction pad design, it also includes the logo spec there, which makes the logo coming with the texture as same as the pads. It requires the logo design to be simpler, and drawing better be 5mm thickness diameter at least, then the process of logo can be finished perfectly. Most of this logo process is applied on the deck pad for SUP or kiteboard.


We have seen a lot of amazing designs from our customers, each design is telling a story of their company and culture. We insist, to offer the best process on producing customized products to help the story be spread all over the world, from the beginning to the unlimited end.


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