How Do Beginners Get the Right Way into Surfing?

How Do Beginners Get the Right Way into Surfing?

The five sections can help you to get the right way into surfing

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When it comes to surfing, people will be unlimited to enlarge the risk of surfing, surfing in their minds is certainly in the monstrous waves of the sea struggling. There is such a strange idea is not surprising, it is simply because they do not understand, in fact, before I surf also have the same misunderstanding.

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1. About the sea

Learning to surf, the first thought is the sea, then the basic knowledge of the sea should be understood. Remember, indoor swimming and swimming in the sea is completely different in two places, indoor swimming is more focused on skills and physical, swimming in the sea In addition to these two basic strips, there is a crucial condition is "water", Water quality is a direct impact on people in the sea drowning rate. So the first time to a strange waters before the water must be consulted to the local people, to avoid the reef, undercurrent and other potentially dangerous places to take the sea.


2. About learning

Surfing is a very fashionable water sports, in many island countries to become the most popular young people sought after the movement, in order to quickly learn skills, understand the rules, please a qualified coach or surfing experienced ronin is very necessary. A qualified teacher can let the students avoid injury and can quickly grasp the essentials. Students in the initial teaching to learn: water, waves, waves, take a series of actions such as take. Most of the students, with the help of the teacher in the first class can stand on the board to experience the pleasure of people gliding in the water.

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3. About practice

Surfing is different from skateboarding, skiing and other board sports can be fixed in a slope and action back and forth practice, because each wave is not the same, so surfing need to put more time and effort to practice until you can analyze each different wave. So that surfing is a simple entry, promotion difficult movement, there is no long years of practice is difficult to have a substantial breakthrough.


4. About physical

Surfing the physical consumption is very large, 95% of the time in the water are in the water, which is why many surfers have a strong body. Since most of the time in the water, it is necessary to strengthen the training of water training, that is, triceps, while solid triceps can solve the girls criticized the butterfly sleeves.

5. Surfing gestures

In Hawaii, people often use the "Shaka" gesture greeted, and later this gesture slowly become a wave of people's gestures. If you see someone on the beach to take this gesture, then he is likely to be a ronely, so if you want to be a rumored, and quickly learn this posture! 

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