How to choose your SUP board

How to choose your SUP board

Choose SUP board, get well know about all kinds of SUP board is necessary.

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Before we choose SUP board, get well know about all kinds of SUP board is necessary. Normally SUP can be divided into 6 kinds as follow;

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1. ALL-ROUND, Usually is wider & larger than the other board, obviously you can have more space to strength. Also all round will be more stable than the other board. So it’s a perfect option for novice to learn and enjoy.

2. TOURING, focus on speed, stability and carrying capacity. So steering flexibility is not considered as a key point. It’s design for the long -distance and fast paddling. It’s suitable for novice too.

3. RACING, as the name, is pursuing speed. The shape is longer and narrower to reduce resistance. Only when you reach the relatively speed, the board will have better stability.

4. SURF, Shorter and smaller than other boards, ideal for surfing with SUP and experiencing whitewater in the river. And you can match the paddle to make some cool surfing action. It’s suitable with guy who has some experience.

5. YOGA, is similar to ALL-ROUND. But the YOGA board has a soft top to do YOGA exercise, while there are places on the board for your training equipment.

6. Inflatable, can be made as any shape you want. It’s very convenient to inflated and carry in the backpack. Of course it would as soft as a balloon. It’s also suitable for the novice.

After introduce the SUP knowledge and different and combined with your own needs you will find choosing SUP is not that difficult.


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