One 40'HQ Traction Pads Was Shipped Out

One 40'HQ Traction Pads Was Shipped Out

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Today, it’s glad to share a good news with you guys -- One 40'HQ traction pad from Melors was shipped out!

The 40’HQ traction pad, which has been produced nearly one month. Until yesterday, it was fully finished and be packed up. We’ve talked with the client in the last ten months, the hardness of our communication process is unimaginable. In lately, we were just tend to mention with the details, like quality, price and shipment. We need to emphasize that the quality of our product is the best one you will receive. Words always paled than action, so we sent various samples for the client check first. Finally, he determined to order a 40’HQ traction pads from us. Additionally to all of this, we built a decent discount for him as well. Then the order was put into production after all the details have been negotiated.

Here we share some photos for you as below.

traction pad 1traction pad 2

Glad to cooperate with you. If you have any question about our product, please feel free to contact us, happy to help.


Melors Team


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