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Once in a lifetime opportunity for shipping enterprise, that is 'One Belt, One Road'.


'One Belt, One Road', especially the construction of 'Maritime Silk Road', certainly it will bring some growing opportunities, like the development of the shipping rote and port, the construction of the wharf, and develop the marine economy with other countries, etc. Then promote the development of the shipping industry thereby. Nevertheless the shipping enterprise will face the new growing opportunities. Thus, it's necessary for providing the sufficient guarantee to these shipping enterprises. Our marine sheet is one of the choice!


The demand for transportation equipment is expected to grow along the way with 'One Belt, One Road'. On the other hand, the development of marine resources may also play a leading role in the growth of marine equipment, fishery equipment, tourism equipment, especially cruise yachts. It is not difficult to imagine that such a demand expansion will bring more support to the development of the shipping enterprise.


It also means that marine teak sheet will become one of the essential products.

one belt one road

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