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Most of the tasks that you procrastinate on aren’t actually difficult to do

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2-Minute Rule” to Help You Set Off Procrastination

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Today will push the day tomorrow and push the day after tomorrow ... There are many patients with severe procrastination in their lives. The typical mentality of "procrastination" seems to be summed up in the classic line "After all, tomorrow is another day!" (After all, Tomorrow is a new day) at the end of the movie Gone with the Wind. Recently, I have followed a simple rule to help me get rid of the habit of delaying, and at the same time, prompted me to persevere in good habits with no effort. Today, I want to share with you, you can also try to see how it is applied to your life. The most wonderful place? This method is super easy.


I call this little strategy the “2–Minute Rule” and the goal is to make it easier for you to get started on the things you should be doing. 


Here’s the deal… 


Most of the tasks that you procrastinate on aren’t actually difficult to do — you have the talent and skills to accomplish them — you just avoid starting them for one reason or another.


The 2–Minute Rule overcomes procrastination and laziness by making it so easy to start taking action that you can’t say no. 


Part I comes from David Allen's bestselling book, Getting Things Done


It’s surprising how many things we put off that we could get done in two minutes or less. For example, washing your dishes immediately after your meal, tossing the laundry in the washing machine, taking out the garbage, cleaning up clutter, sending that email, and so on. 


If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, then follow the rule and do it right now. 


Can all of your goals be accomplished in less than two minutes? Obviously not. 


But, every goal can be started in 2 minutes or less. And that’s the purpose behind this little rule. 


It might sound like this strategy is too basic for your grand life goals, but I beg to differ. It works for any goal because of one simple reason: the physics of real life. 

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