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American Piglet Shows His Amazing Talent In Surfing

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American Piglet Shows His Amazing Talent In Surfing

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Surfing has always been regarded as an adventure sport, few people dare to try, and some animals can bravely overcome the fear, and even love the fun of surfing. A piglet in California, USA likes to stand on the surfboard and experience the excitement of surfing.


The brave little pig named Pickles, who lives in Sacramento, California, with his master, Maddie Johnson, a year and a half ago. In 2017, a farm near Sacramento was flooded and Mardy rescued the pig from the farm and brought it home to name it Pickles.


But after moving into her new home for months, Piglet was sent to ICU for 9 days because of eating rat poison. Finally thanks to the blood donation from pig partner Tickles, it miraculously recovered. Now, Piccolis lives happily in health with the Marty family and sleeps a bed with Marty.


Peekels is a talented pig. It likes to play with water, often go to the local swimming pool, and even try to secretly shower with the master Marty. But it is most like going to the California seaside holiday, sunbathing on the beach, surfing with the owner. Pickles can quickly balance, and has amazing surfing talent.

In addition to surfing, Piglet also has a range of hobbies, including walking, playing sea balls and creating abstract drawings with his nose. Pickles is also very good at being happy, and in her spare time it brings comfort to the elderly and children in her community as healing pigs.

Although there are many unusual hobbies, Pickers still like to hang around, encounter something want to try. Mattie said: "Pickles is a very lively little pig, completely subverting the stereotype of piglets, it is both lovely and passionate, people have to love." surfing 1

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