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Afforestation can not only green and beautify the homeland, but also can expand forest resources and prevent soil erosion.

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Afforestation can not only green and beautify the homeland, but also can expand forest resources and prevent soil erosion.

The protection of farmland, the regulation of climate, and the promotion of economic development are the magnificent projects that benefit the contemporary and benefit the children and grandchildren. In order to protect forest resources, beautify the environment and maintain ecological balance, many countries in the world have established tree-planting festivals according to their actual conditions. For example, India is the first tree-planting festival in the first week of July; North Korea is the tree planting festival every year on April 6; The National Day is designated as Arbor Day; the Philippines is the second Saturday of September every year as the Arbor Day; Italy is the Arbor Day every November 21st; American States have Arbor Day, but due to climate differences, there is no national uniform date; The 21st of the month is the Arbor Day; Colombia is the annual Arbor Day on October 12th; El Salvador Arbor Day is held together with the Teachers' Day and held every June 21st; Egypt is the Arbor Day every year from September to November...

Among these countries, the United States has the earliest Arbor Day and has a history of more than 130 years. On April 10, 1872, a newspaper reporter in Nebraska initiated the first Arbor Day in the United States. On the same day, more than one million trees were planted in Nebraska. It was formally established by J. Sterling Morton (J. Sterling Morton) in Nebraska in 1872. By the 1920s, every American public had passed national laws to announce a day as an Arbor Day or Arbor Day and Bird Day commemoration. Due to the different dates, the climate was established and the appropriate planting time was established. Arbor Day is a holiday with an international compliance and recognition from many countries. In the United States, the National Arbor Day celebrates the fourth Friday of April. Some states celebrate the selection of the Arbor Day, the best time to plant trees in different dates.

Brazil is a country rich in forest resources. Nearly three-fifths of Amazon Forest, the largest tropical rain forest in the world, is in Brazil. The national forest coverage rate is over 52%. In spite of this, Brazilians still forget to plant trees. The Brazilian government actively encourages people to plant trees and forests while taking rational development of forest resources.

In order to actively face the threat of global warming, the United Nations Environment Programme launched the “Tree Planting for the Earth: A Billion Tree Campaign” in Nairobi on November 8, 2006. This campaign plans to plant at least 1 billion trees worldwide in 2007.

As people’s environmental awareness continues to increase and they actively participate in afforestation activities, the environment for human survival will continue to improve.

According to statistics of the United Nations, more than 50 countries have established Arbor Day in the world. Because of different national conditions and geographical locations, the date and time of the Arbor Day are different in each country. For example, Japan calls it the “tree festival” and “Greenery Week”; Israel calls it “the New Year’s Day of the trees”; Myanmar calls it the “planting month”. Iceland is known as the "Student Day for Planting Trees"; India is known as the "National Tree-planting Festival"; France is called "National Tree Day"; Canada is called "Forest Week."

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