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Australia Gold Coast Surfers Paradise

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Australia's Gold Coast attracts more than 4.9 million visitors a year to brighten the holiday. Gold Coast is known as the beautiful beach, lush rainforest, the world's top entertainment facilities and colorful activities. The 70-kilometer white beach resort is surrounded. From the South Stradbroke Island to the Cabarita Beach, more than 40 lifeguards patrol the golden beaches, like pearls, scattered over 70 of kilometres of coastline. This is call The Surfers Paradise beach


Surfers Paradise beach is located in the heart of Gold Coast in South East Queensland, one of Australia's most famous resort resorts. Here, the city and the beach lifestyle are perfectly integrated into the spectacular horizon and the stretches of coastline.


However, those Australians who like surfing are the ideal playground and arena, calling it "Surfers ' paradise". Every 6 o'clock in the morning, the sun just rises from the ocean, you can see many young people came to Surfers Paradise, began to fight in the waves, kill, a show of their majestic. In Surfers ' paradise, there are also frequent surfing competitions and exhibitions, attracting countless visitors to come and watch.


Suggest this attraction visit time: 45 minutes


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