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Chinese history is funny and mysterious.

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Chinese Folk Culture

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China is a country with 2000 years of traditional culture. Every thing in our life can be tradition culture.


Like The twelve zodiac animals, Every Chinese know what zodiac they are once they born. Chiese Zodiac are twelve species of animals that match the birth year of a person in China, including rats, cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs and pigs.


There are so many myths about how the twelve animals become the Zodiac. Acctually, twelve zodiac animals also is the symbols of the time in the past. As Ancient China  separate YIN and YANG. Our Ancients take singular number(1.3.5) as YANG, and take double number(2.4.6) as YIN.


We can noticed that cattles,rabbits,snakes,sheep, chickens and pigs have double number fingers or hoofs or finger. And Rats,Tigers, Dragons, Horses,Monkeys and dogs are opposite. So these animal was separate into YIN and YANG. And the order of their position is mean the active time of the animal in a day.


Chinese history is funny and mysterious.

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