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Classification of Water Sports

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1. Jet Ski

Jet Ski is a favorite of sports fans who pursue speed and excitement. Under your control, high-speed driving is not as dangerous as it was supposed to be. Try it, you can feel how good it is!


2. Windsurfing

The breezy ocean is the best condition for windsurfing. Saipan can windsurfing all year round. From November to April, the southeastern Pacific brings a gentle breeze, which is the best surfing time of the year.


3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a sea sport. You can see the magical underwater world from the sea. With a respirator exposed to the sea, you can float freely on the surface of the sea; deep-sea diving requires a breathing machine to dive into the deep sea. If you participate in any of the snorkeling tours, you can rent all snorkeling equipment for free; otherwise, you will only rent out in those beachside dive shop!


4. Parasailing

Like a parachute, tie a rope to the Clippers. The parasailing will take you to the 30-meter-high sky and give you a panoramic view of the ocean.


5. Water Ski

Most water sports operators can provide water sports services. Water skiing is a fun sport. After you successfully complete a water slide, you will be proud of yourself.


6. Sea Walker

While walking on the bottom of the sea, enjoy the colorful underwater world; on the 3m deep seabed, a variety of tropical fish surround you. Sea-walking is a safe and fun activity. Visitors can feel the experience of professional diving athletes on the seabed.


7. Banana Boat

Banana boats have only recently become a part of the maritime movement; those banana boats themselves have no power and they are pushed by motor boats and travel at speeds of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. For family or friends, 5 or 6 people are sitting on a banana boat. It's very interesting.


8. Submarine Tour

Sit in a real submarine for an underwater adventure! In the 45-minute sea journey, visitors will explore the colorful underwater world on a 30-metre-deep seabed; coral reefs, tropical fish... This is sure to be an unforgettable trip to the sea!


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