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With the last minutes of 2017 ticking, the world is ready to welcome the New Year with a variety of celebrations.

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How Does The World Welcome The New Year

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 With the last minutes of 2017 ticking, the world is ready to welcome the New Year with a variety of celebrations.


Though it happens every year, the annual New Year's Eve festivities – fireworks, light shows, parades – continue to captivate people as the world celebrates a new beginning.


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Sydney, Australia


A rainbow-themed fireworks display in Australia’s largest city Sydney kicked off its 2018 celebrations, as 1.5 million spectators were expected to pack the city’s foreshore to watch the fireworks light up the night sky.


According to AFP, the technicolor display also included a rainbow waterfall of fireworks cascading off the Sydney Harbor Bridge to mark Australia's legalization of same-sex marriage following a nationwide postal vote earlier this year.


Hong Kong, China


In Asia, the most spectacular light shows are usually seen in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the New Year’s countdown will start 60 seconds before midnight. The “Shooting Stars” pyrotechnics will last for 10 minutes on the harbor front.


Meanwhile, a live street party featuring various performances will start at 10:00 p.m. at the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, with Australian performing arts group Strange Fruit as one of this year’s guests, according to the HKTB.


Tokyo, Japan


In the Japanese tradition, New Year’s Eve is usually spent at home quietly with families. However, the younger generation have embraced the day by going to outdoor countdown events.


The Shibuya Crossing countdown event will be held for a second year, and a video will be broadcast on the large digital billboards surrounding the crossing with special photo booths for event-goers to get their commemorative photos.




In Singapore, this year’s countdown celebration will involve more landmarks, while a symphony of light and sound is expected to illuminate the waterfront skyline, according to AFP.


Large-scale light projection shows and firework displays are expected to turn the Marina Bay and Civic District into a big stage, and the shows will last until midnight with nearby traffic closed down.


Dubai, UAE


In Dubai, however, the annual countdown fireworks are to be replaced by a laser show dubbed “Light Up 2018." It was described as a “never before seen spectacle” on the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.


The officials explained that the reasons for the laser show replacement was due to safety concerns.


Moscow, Russia


Major boulevards and squares in the Russian capital will be decked out to welcome the New Year, with fireworks to light up 36 key sites, according to AFP.


The main celebrations will happen at the Red Square, which sees most of the country’s significant events. A large number of people are expected to arrive for the countdown.



London, UK


London’s countdown celebrations are usually distinguished by the Big Ben chimes, a fireworks display as well as an illuminated London Eye ferris wheel along the River Thames. The fireworks will follow Big Ben’s famous chimes.


The New Year’s Eve fireworks have been ticketed since 2014, to ensure the event’s safe and fun. According to the tourism authorities of the city, the tickets for this year’s event have been sold out for the last couple days.


New York City, US


The ball drop at the Times Square New Year’s Eve Party is probably one of the most well known NYE countdowns of the world. There will be no tickets for the celebration, but people are highly recommended to arrive early to get a good spot.


According to USA Today, the party-goers this year may have to put on layers of clothes, as it would be the second-chilliest ball drop on record. Meanwhile, the security will be tighter than ever, after two recent attacks in the area.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


As many areas brace for chilly weather on New Year’s Eve, Rio de Janeiro, currently in the middlle of its summer, offers the best alternative for a passionate and hot countdown celebration, especially on the beaches.


This year, millions will gather on Copacabana beach to watch fireworks, with many wearing white, the traditional dress to usher in the New Year.


How will you spend the New Year’s Eve? Who will you ring into the New Year with? Whatever the answer is, enjoy the moment and reach out your arms to embrace the coming 2018.

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