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Hydrofoil boat (ship) is a boat which is equipped with water wings immersed in water. High-speed sailing boat weight completely from water to the water wing of the lift support, so that the boat body all out of the water, reduce the water resistance, it can reach a higher speed. The action principle of the hydrofoil is similar to that of the airplane wing. Some speedboats only have water wings in the capital, leaving the front part out of the water and the back part still gliding over the water.

The hydrofoil is the wing that works in the water or cuts the water, and is the basic part of the hydrofoil. It moves in the water like an airplane wing moving in the air to produce a certain lift. Because the density of water is about 800 times times the density of air, under the same lift, the water wing is much smaller than the wing. The hydrofoil boat with water wing lift support is smaller than that of the planing boat, and it is less affected by wave interference, so it has good rapidity and airworthiness.


The main advantages of hydrofoil is:


Low resistance of high speed. When the hydrofoil is in the wing state, the boat body is taken out of the water wing, and the underwater components are only Shini, rudder and shafting. Therefore, the water resistance is greatly reduced, the speed can be greatly improved, the existing water wing boat up to the highest speed.


Good wave resistance.Because the ship body was entrusted to the surface and the fluctuation of the wave on the hydrofoil boat was reduced, the wave-resistance of the hydrofoil boat was reduced, and it was improved greatly.


The wave of high-speed sailing is small. Because the wing is only water wing, rudder and other components in the water, so the rise of the wave is very small. Therefore, the hydrofoil boat is very suitable for inland waterway navigation, it can greatly reduce the damage of wave-making to the embankment.

physical field is low in radiation. When the hydrofoil is in the wing state, the physical field radiation of the boat body will be weakened, especially the acoustic radiation will be greatly reduced, because the hull is entrusted to the surface. The low physical field radiation characteristics of hydrofoil boat can improve the stealth of warship and reduce the risk of underwater attack.


Good maneuverability. With the combination of flaps and rudders, the hydrofoil has a safe inner tilting rotation, so it has a good rotational performance.


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