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Introduction of Chinese Speedboat

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Introduction of Chinese Speedboat

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On June 18, 2002, China's first speedboat, the Seaplane HP1600 super-fast anti-smuggling patrol boat, designed and manufactured by the mainland itself successfully launched a trial trial in Shekou Port and will soon be equipped with a Shenzhen frontier anti-smuggling unit.

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The boat by the Shenzhen Hayes than the boat Technology Development Co., Ltd. design, manufacture. According to the company's general manager, senior engineer Shi Jun introduction, seal patrol boats total length of 16 meters, 3 meters wide, 1.65 meters high, draft 0.65 meters, displacement of 8.5 tons, battery life of 250 nautical miles, to fight the 6 waves. The maximum speed of 60 knots, that is, 112 kilometers per hour navigation, the mainland's fastest speed, the most advanced boats. The boat uses the world's most advanced drive system and the most "trump card" diesel engine, a major technological breakthrough. At the same time, the boat also uniquely adopted the "broken class" ship, greatly reducing the resistance of the water on the boat body, which is also the first in the mainland. In addition, the boat used a large number of new high-tech materials, and even used a lot of aircraft construction materials. The boat's construction costs less than 300 million, only one-third of similar foreign products.

Wasp "class (021) large-scale missile boat, the Soviet Union in 1959, carrying four" upstream -1 "missiles, was more advanced equipment at that time.The first ship was built by the Shanghai Hudong Shipyard, launched in 1963, Served at the end of December 1965. In 1970, this type of boat was fully domesticized, and the Xijiang Shipyard built its first boat in 1971.

During the localization process, Chinese technicians also made a lot of improvements on the type of craft: the development of a steel recoverable mast, the modification of a missile loading frame into a short frame, the manual closing and anchor breaking into an anchor chain Cylinder automatically first, throwing, the boat used in the South to install an air conditioning system, an increase of radio stations, surveillance radar, security machines and other equipment. In 1975, the type of boat stereotypes, began mass production, equipped with troops.


Manufactured by Wuhu Shipyard, started in April 1966, launched in August and entered service in December. It was named the 66-type mini-missile boat. Because of the "Cultural Revolution" until stereotyped in February 1975, by Wuhu Shipyard and Shanghai Shinchan Shipyard production. From 1980 to 1982, 701 and Navy 4805 plants converted four C-801 multi-purpose missiles to a 024 boat, greatly strengthening their attack power. In recent years, the Navy is still on the boat for C-101 supersonic anti-ship missile test work.

July 1, 1997 with the Garrison stationed in Hong Kong Stonecutters Island base. The second-generation large-scale missile speedboat designed and built by China itself and the overseas-known Red Arrow-class or Yellow-class missile speedboat. Built by the Huangpu Shipyard in Guangdong, the first vessel was launched in 1989 and served in 1991, and four of them were completed by 1997 (code 770-773) and served in the PLA units stationed in Hong Kong. The type of 65.4 meters long, 8.4 meters wide, draft 2.4 meters, the standard displacement of 520 tons, full load displacement of 542 tons, speed 32, life of 1,800 nautical miles / 18, battle crew of 75 people. Weaponry: Two triple-mounted "Falcons" -81 (C-801) anti-ship missile launchers, one 37mm automatic twin-tube gun (774-tonned 76mm naval gun), two 30mm double- Naval gun.

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