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Jay Chou fans claim to have a great victory for Z World’s social media

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Jay Chou Fans Claim Rare Social Media Victory Over Gen Z

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The epic intergenerational conflict that has taken place on Chinese social media is over, and most of the old fans of 40-year-old singer Jay Chou have announced that they have beaten most of the Z-generation fans of young singer Cai Xukun.


On Sunday morning, a screenshot posted on Zhou’s official Weibo fan account shows that the musician is among the top of the platform’s “super theme” list. Mr. Cai is the 21-year-old Chinese artist who once ranked first and is now in second place. The website is used to determine the “impact” of rankings is low.


"Beijing time on July 21, 00:30, set a record!" In the post on Sunday, I saw the text in the screenshot, referring to the exact time Jay Chou got the highest position in the history. “How powerful is this number one?! We have implemented it.”


"I have always seen people say that it is very difficult for him to buy his tickets," said a imaginary screenshot of the Douban post that was deleted, referring to Zhou Jie. "But after my investigation, I found that he could not even enter Weibo's super-topic list."


In the days since the claim was first released, it has angered the feathers of Jay Chou's faithful followers. Since his album "Jay Chou" was released in 2000, the singer has been a household name in the Chinese language community. Once named by Asia Times Magazine as the hottest pop star in Asia, Jay Chou has performed less since he married in 2015.


But the singer's fans refused to accept such an offense - even the random offense released by users of Douban. On the contrary, many people hope to challenge Dou's position by raising Chou's position on the Weibo super-theme ranking. This feat can be accomplished through enough posts and other activities on the platform. In turn, this goal quickly placed the top ranked Cai Xukun in their crosshairs.


The unlikely success of this campaign spurred the joy of Jay Chou fans, and the famous public figures supported Taiwanese musicians to announce their satisfaction with surpassing young rookie Tsai.


“I joined the crowd with middle-aged and elderly people to help Jay Chou become the top spot,” wrote Yue Shanshan, a well-known lawyer in Beijing on Sunday morning. He was born in 1978 because he is a member of the older generation, fighting youth and youth and becoming a major member of the Chua fan base. But at the same time, he proved his rationality in participating in online battles, which he said can prove the endurance of his beloved singer.


"As an old man, I need to prove to the younger generation that this is not because Jay Chou has no influence, nor because his fans are not enthusiastic," Yue wrote, referring to common sense explanations may explain Jay Chou's highest ranking in the absence of Weibo. “It’s just that they don’t care about (social media) traffic.”


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