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Grain in Ear, the 9th solar term, begins on June 6 this year and ends on June 21.

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Know About Grain in Ear

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The Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Grain in Ear, the 9th solar term, begins on June 6 this year and ends on June 21. The arrival of Grain in Ear signifies the ripening of crops such as barley and wheat. It is also a busy period for farmers.


The following are seven things you need to know about Grain in Ear.

1. An increase in rainfall

  Rainfall increases during Grain in Ear compared to the previous eight solar terms. Regions in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are about to enter the Plum Rains season.

Plum Rains, often occurring during June and July, it is a good period for growing rice, vegetables and fruits.


2. Pray for good harvest

  "An Miao" (meaning seedling protection) is a traditional farming activity of southern Anhui province that has been practiced since the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). People make different types of bread from wheat flour and color them with vegetable juice. The bread is used as a sacrificial offering to pray for a good harvest and people’s safety.


3. Say farewell to the flora

  In ancient China, on the second day of the second lunar month, people welcome the arrival of the Flower Goddess. During Grain in Ear people hold sacrificial ceremonies to bid farewell to the flora and show their gratitude.


4. Mud wrestling

  Young people of the Dong minority in Southeastern Guizhou province hold mud wrestling matches during Grain in Ear. At the end of this activity, whoever has the most mud on them proves they are the most popular person.


5. Boil green plums

  In Southern China, May and June are the season when plums become ripe. There was an allusion that Cao Cao and Liu Bei, two central figures in the Three Kingdoms period (AD220-280), talked about heroes while boiling green plums.


6. Have light food

Do not eat greasy or strongly flavored food during Grain in Ear. Generally, vegetables and coarse grains that work in lowering blood pressure and blood fat should be the first choice. During this season, people are encouraged to consume less lamb, pork, hot peppers, onions and ginger if they are frequently feeling thirsty and tired.


7. Eat fruits and vegetables with cool nature

The weather is hot during the Grain in Ear period, therefore vegetables and fruits of a cool nature are recommended. The balsam pear is a classic choice.

Other recommendations include tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, celery, asparagus, water melon and strawberry. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, they are all cool-natured and can help eliminate heat in the body and promote digestion.


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