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An ancient collision may explain the moon’s Janus faces.

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Lunar history

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How do you solve a problem like maria?


An ancient collision may explain the moons Janus faces.


Earths moon has a split personality. One half of its surfacethe half which, thanks to thevagaries of orbital mechanics, always faces Earthis dominated by dark, smooth expansesof ancient, frozen lava known as maria (early astronomers, thinking they might be bodies ofwater, named them after the Latin word for sea). The contrast between the darkness ofthe maria and the brightness of the surrounding highlands forms a pattern popularly known, depending on the culture of the observer, as the man in the moon, the rabbit on the moon orone of many other optical illusions.


When astronomers got their first glimpses of the moons far side, however, they saw astrikingly different landscape. Early lunar probes revealed a surface that wasmountainous, rugged, heavily cratered and virtually devoid of maria. To quote Bill Anders, one of the astronauts on Apollo 8 and thus one of the first three people to see the far side ofthe moon directly, it looks like a sand pile my kids have been playing in...all beat up, nodefinition, just a lot of bumps and holes.


Scientists see the evolution a big finding in humans seeking truth on planet available for living.


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