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Melors team scheduled to be outing on the 10th July,  but when we wake up in the morning, the rainstorm was accompanied by lightning. For everyone's safety, we had to cancel the day's activities and postpone the day.


Fortunately, the weather on the 11th July is very well.Taking advantage of this good time, our team goto the Dapeng City in Shenzhen


If a city can best reflect the civilization of this city and the history of its development and the inheritance of culture, I think only the ancient city.


Blue brick and ancient tiles, narrow streets and alleys, revealing a simple and simple feeling of vicissitudes of an era.


Gently walked through, it seems that every brick is telling, or sighing.


In the introduction of the ancient wall culture, we saw the heroic deeds of the former generals who protected the people's heroic resistance to the enemy. This is the most basic national defense and patriotism education left to the country.


The ancient architecture tells the history, and it has survived more than 600 years of ups and downs. When we boarded the city wall and stopped by, we could still give people endless security.


These tangible and intangible, conscious and unconscious wisdom crystallize, the ancient city walls may have changed a little because of the 600 years of weathering, but the inner hardness will not be different due to the changes of the years and the development of the times, but more It shows the wisdom of the ancients and complements the modern civilization living in this era. And as a witness to us, an experience of this era, this is our privilege.


The second stop, we came to the Shenzhen Geopark Museum. We have not only increased the mutual understanding and trust with colleagues, but also promate the relationship with the children, learn new geological knowledge with them.


The third stop, came to the seaside - Yangmeikeng, in order to find the location of the "mermaid", we went to the sea and went up the mountain, just to see the beauty of this "pit", but fortunately found and saw. Standing on a steep rock, leaning against the mountains, looking at the whole sea, owning "facing the sea, spring blossoming" mood and tolerance. Busy work makes us more fulfilling, occasional poetry and distant will bring a more exciting life.


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