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MoBike Went Into Australia.

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MoBike Went Into Australia's Gold Coast, Some Bicycles Will Be Equipped With Surfboard

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As the competition for shared bicycles enters the second half, more and more shared bicycle brands are not only satisfied with the domestic market but also have gone abroad to lead the "China-made" sail. As the pioneer and leader of global smart-sharing bicycles, the worshiped motorcycle with both scientific and design features is constantly exploring the international market and providing intelligent and convenient travel services to people in the world. On November 6, MoBike announced that it will formally enter the Australian market after winning an exclusive bid for the pileless bicycle sharing project granted by the Gold Coast city authorities in open bidding, adding another country to the internationalization process.

This time into Australia, MoBike also based on the characteristics of the Australian users a new bike design. It is understood that the delivery of the MoBike in Australia will include the internal three-speed transmission, a larger frame for local riders and 26-inch wheels and front and rear safety lights; let the market in the best balance of weight and durability. In addition, because it is in the so-called "Gold Coast Surfers Paradise," some bicycles will also be equipped with surfboard rack!

MoBike has always valued user experience, and this time with the Surfboard Bike in Australia's Gold Coast starts with details, improving the performance of the user's ride experience. Previously, the MoBike ride to make more people like to ride, but also continue to make an issue on the bike. Disney joined the Disney limited edition "Mickey Car" "Minnie car", combined with shaking sound introduction of the music bicycle, as well as the highly watched "amazing our country" bike, etc., increase the sense of cycling design, attracting a large number of fans riding.

From the classic first generation smart lock equipped with smart lock to the fourth generation "lightest" bicycle, smart lock unlocked to the NFC smart lock can be unlocked close to increase the sense of technology of cycling, making cycling more lightweight and smart.


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