Qiantang River Tide Day: The World Surfers


Qiantang River Tide Day: The World Surfers "Tide" Qiantang River

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Qiantang River Tide Day: The World Surfers "Tide" Qiantang River

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"August 18 tide, spectacular no." This is the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo Yongzhu Qiantang autumn tide of the ancient famous. Every year before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival is the best time to watch the tide of the Qiantang River, October 7th is the lunar August 18th, Qiantang River ushered in this year's biggest tide.

Watch Qiantang autumn tide, there are three best position. The first good point for the town of Haining City, the southeastern part of the seawall, where the tide of the most prosperous, and to line out for the characteristics, it is "Haining pagoda line tide" reputation. The second view of the best points for the town of 8 kilometers east of the town of eight Fort, you can watch the wonders of the wonders of the wonders. The third view of the best point of salt town 12 kilometers old salt warehouse, you can enjoy the "back head tide."

This year in Hangzhou, the tourists in addition to the taste of the tide of the Qianjiang tide, but also onlookers of the world's top surfers "big river tide" shock scenes. The competition for three days, October 5th to 6th, 6 teams first divided into two groups for the preliminaries, the best results of the two teams qualify for the October 7 finals.

7th,Oct., 2017 Cara Po Qiantang River surfing finals in the tide in the start, into the final two teams were from Australia and Spain, they will be a final outcome today.

Australia's Dean Morrison, who began to surf from the age of five, is good at all kinds of jump and rapid turn action, 18-year-old won the Australian surfing tournament and the World Surfing Championship youth group champion, many viewers like to see Dean • Morrison surfs because of the two perfect surfing styles of his body. "Surfing in the Qiantang River is really exciting," said Dean Morrison.

He is 39 years old, Europe's leading surfing player, was the WSL / ASP European Division champion and the world's top 50 players, he is the European surf adventure traveler, As long as there is a good wave, and then far away, he will find ways to recover the waves. The new partner of Nenezo Arcelor this year is only 21 years old. As the most promising new generation of surfers in Europe, Natso likes to challenge the big waves and have a great deal for all kinds of conditions. For the accurate analysis of the surfing brain, this talent allows him to easily tame more than 20 feet (more than 6 meters) of the storm; 2012 win the hometown Punta Galea Challenge, his surfing skills and waves of talent to get everyone's Recognized.

In the monstrous waves in the fierce competition, the final Spanish team skills, boost the Australian team won the championship.

It is reported that the Qiantang River tide is not only the world-famous natural wonders, the surfing game broke the surf is just a public awareness of the ocean movement, creating a "river surf" this unique concept, has become a unique charm of the world-class Surfing event. And the United States, Australia and other surfing power compared to surfing in China is only a very small minority of the movement, the Chinese team participating in the yellow rain, Zhao Yuanhong ranked fifth in the confrontation with world-class teams to make it Satisfied Answers.


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