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It seems people in China and in the US have at least on thing in common: They like shopping!

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Ready For the Nov 11 Shopping Carnival?

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It seems people in China and in the US have at least on thing in common: They like shopping!

In the US there is Black Friday Shopping gala, and in China Nov 11 is the big shopping carnival, which has been growing in size since being born in 2009.

It is Chinese people’s desire for a better life that has fueled the fierce growth of the Nov 11 shopping spree.

In 2015, its participants reached 385 million;

In 2016, the value of sales reached 1 billion yuan ($150.7 million) within 52 seconds, and the total number of orders during the shopping carnival reached 657 million.

That caused certain problems, such as too many orders, the leaking of personal information and piles of garbage from the packaging materials.

In order to solve these problems, Chinese enterprises have developed some unique technologies:

Big data helps distribute goods

With big data, platforms can analyze the most popular goods in different places, so that different brands can distribute their goods more effectively. Consumers will also get a faster delivery because there are sufficient goods nearby.

Private delivery bill

Your name, cellphone number, and address are hidden and the deliveryman calls you by scanning a code.

Green Logistics

Use of shared reusable packaging and recyclable packaging boxes.

Sorting Robots

Increasingly more delivery companies use robots to sort different goods, which is fast and convenient.

Of course, in today’s interconnected world, the shopping carnivals of China and the US are also connected. US people can buy goods in China on Nov 11, while Chinese consumers can buy goods in the US via Black Friday.

Even European consumers will enjoy Nov 11 as their Chinese and US counterparts do. Cainiao, a logistics company, plans to lease about a dozen flight on Nov 11 in order to carry Chinese goods to Europe.

So are you ready to join the Nov 11 shopping carnival this year?




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