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The third "Xin Ming Furniture Cup" national umbrella wing ski open match ended in Harbin.

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Snow Skiing And Surfing, Opening A New Experience Of Snow Sports

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The third "Xin Ming Furniture Cup" national umbrella wing ski open match ended in Harbin. More than 100 contestants competed in 20 teams from 18 cities including Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin. In the snowy snow, colored umbrella wings that leaped into the air from time to time formed a beautiful landscape. The sport mode of “flying at the edge of the ski” has given the spectators and visitors a different experience of ice and snow.


While racing in the snow and avoiding obstacles, the players adjusted the angle of the wing and controlled the wind to pull. From time to time, they jumped into the air with the help of wind. High jumping players could also make various kinds of fancy in the air. Action, scenes are cool and extraordinary.


“Umbrella Wing Skiing is a new ice and snow sports project developed in recent years combined with various sport elements such as kites, surfing and skiing. It includes surfing skis, fancy jumps, aerial skills and many other forms of expression. It combines speed and flight. Watching and entertaining.” Wang Yonghui, secretary-general of the Harbin Air Sports Association, said: “The umbrella wing skiing activity can be carried out on the open outdoor ice and snow fields such as river surface and lake surface without changing the original landform. It is very environmentally friendly. Sporting events have begun to receive more and more welcome and love."


67-year-old Dian Dianchen is the oldest player in the competition. He has many years of experience in ski accumulation and hang-gliding training. “This sport is highly comprehensive, with special coordination, snowboarding under the feet, and hands controlling the direction of the wings. Sometimes, it is very challenging to avoid obstacles to complete the competition.” Therefore, even though Yan Dianchen joined the parachute skiing project for only one year, he is passionate about the sport.


Yang Xiuyan, who is the head of Changchun's “Herd Tribe”, is also a veteran player of umbrella wing skiing in this competition. “In the snowy world of snow and ice, it is combined with the speed of flying and gives people a world where I can go. The ultimate experience is particularly stimulating,” said Yang Xiuyan. “The sport is relatively late in its development in China, but there are numerous ski enthusiasts. At the same time, northern China has a very suitable sports environment. The terrain is flat, the winter is long, and the wind is strong. The development and popularization of the project are particularly beneficial."

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