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Surf Board Introduction

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-Length from the plate head to the end of the plate (the measurement of the wave plate is in English units). The length of the board is usually differentiated by the type of surfboard


-Width usually a slightly wider board with better stability and narrower flexibility


-Thickness is usually the main factor affecting the stroke


-Flange plate RIM design affects the steering function of the board most.


-Radian refers to the degree of bending of the bottom to the plate head. Rocker larger in the volume of the situation when the board is not easy to insert water, the steering is also more flexible, but if Rocker too large will easily turn to too much control of the case.


-Bottom at present, the bottom of the design is more concave (concave) shape, the so-called concave is the bottom of the wave plate concave, when the water through the concave will produce uplift effect increase the speed of the board! There is also a Channel (groove) plate bottom design, this type of plate at the bottom of the plate can see a number of deep and obvious groove, so that the water flow from the board into the more rapid after the end of the plate discharged, the faster the better but less stable! In addition, the design of Vee plate bottom has been rare in recent years.


-Stringer board in the middle of the longitudinal beam! Commonly referred to as keel, the main function is to enhance the strength of the board.


-Plate tail the shape of the tail may be one of the most important factors affecting the performance of the board.

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