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The shape of the tail may be one of the most important factors affecting the performance of the Board, the board has a total of 7 kinds of Board tail:

deck pad tail  (1)

Pintail: The sharp tail plate provides excellent control and stability of the board, which is the most suitable for large and rolling waves! Almost all of the big waves dedicated to the gun board is this kind of plate tail design. There are generally few opportunities to use such boards.

deck pad tail  (2)

Round Tail: Because the plate tail and wave surface contact area is bigger therefore the small wave can also play, the round tail design makes the wave board steering sense smoother smooth.

deck pad tail  (3)

Roundpin Tail: The characteristic of the tail is between Pintail and Roundtail, which has a good reaction to the medium size between the shoulders and the two high waves.

deck pad tail  (4)

Squash Tail:Generally for the design of the short board, the steering is simple and neat but slightly blunt.

deck pad tail  (5)

Swallow Tail: Swallow tail is actually two sharp tail, plate tail and wave surface contact area is larger, so small wave is a good choice. The acceleration of the waves is very good, the flexibility is also excellent

deck pad tail  (6)

Bat Tail: This is a rare design in the past, but the trend has increased! Bat tail is basically the same as the swallowtail, but it increases the stability due to the midpoint of an extended end of the plate.

deck pad tail  (7)

Diamond Tail:The aim is to soften the square tail and maintain its speed. Its characteristics are somewhat between squashtail and Roundtail.

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