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Surfing Enthusiasts Make Surfboards With Cigarette Butts

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Cigarette butts on the beach are discarded by the tourists. Tyler Ryan, a surfer in Santa Cruz, California, USA, made a surfboard with a 10,000 cigarette butt picked up at a local beach to win the Rebirth Surfboard Contest.

This summer just past, Klein and 24-year-old Ryan picked up cigarette butts at Santa Cruz beaches, parking lots and streets. He said: "The cigarette butts are the main rubbish on our beaches here, and no one really wants to figure out how to solve them." They used plastic foam from the fish market to make surfboards.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 24th, this year's competition by a surfing product manufacturer and international nonprofit organization "Surfer Foundation" co-sponsored this year for the third time. Contestants have three months to produce eco-surfboards. In addition to Ryan spent a lot of cigarette butts, surfboard materials used by other participants, including potatoes, bags, used boxes, rubbish picked up from the rubbish, boxes removed from the box and so on.

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