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Ten Private Yacht Brands In The World

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Ten Private Yacht Brands In The World

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Some people say that the beautiful beauty of the car is a symbol of the rich, which is obviously too young to judge, for the real rich, Luxury car is just an ordinary means of transport, and not much. The rich are really longing for the fact that private jet and yachts, of which the aircraft mostly for official use, the yacht is a must for the rich relax, the real world's top ten yacht brand is called a symbol of the rich.


10: Larson

Larson continues to introduce new technology to the market with durable and inexpensive family boats, Larson is the most important achievement since the fiberglass ship. Larson has been doing his utmost to challenge and reflect on their services in order to bring to bring customers the unique enjoyment and unusual experience, Larson's service value is always the first to feel it to its customers.


9: Beneteau

As the world's largest sailing manufacturer, Beneteau occupies more than one-third of the global market share, the group mass-produced 6-18 meters of sailing and yachts, as well as more than 18 meters of ultra-luxury sailing and yachting in the world yacht manufacturing The field occupies a very important position, is recognized as the most cost-effective sailing and yacht products.


8: Byblos

BAYMAR Yachts was founded in 1965, yacht size from 39 to 67 feet. As the world famous sport fishing yachting brand, BAYMAR yachts won the trust of the world by virtue of its high reliability, even against the excellent performance of bad weather. Novel and meticulous design style and superb bottom structure, making Baiet Mu yacht luxury, comfort, but also provide passengers with navigation and security.


7: Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is one of the most famous enterprises in the luxury yacht industry in the world, and its products are sold in major European and American countries and cities. Every princess yacht has 1,500 workers serving it. Princess yacht products are 42 feet to 95 feet between large and medium-sized yacht, with two series of noble and classic design, luxury flying bridge series and luxury sports series, a total of a dozen models to choose from.


6: Fei Di Stars

Fei Di Yaxing yacht at the time using the latest interior decoration style, its style fresh and simple, clear lines and create a warm atmosphere. The master bedroom has a quiet cultural atmosphere, the yacht's scientific layout makes the entire width of the two VIP rooms can accommodate 4 VIP, lounge also designed the lounge. Fei Di yacht cheapest yacht also 200 million yuan, while the yacht maintenance costs are about 3 million yuan.


5: Ferretti

Ferretti's comfort is an intelligent design concept that provides an ergonomic solution to ensure sound insulation in the engine area, an air-conditioning system that facilitates temperature customization in each compartment, and a stable system that reduces hull swing. The large windows are designed to meet the highest safety standards and each has a view of the sea and a unique touch with the sea.


4: Bo Star

Bo Star yacht in terms of brand and super sports car brand Maserati very similar, Bo Star also originated from personal love of craft, the passion for marine culture. In 1981, when four boys devoted themselves to the yacht market with their unique opinions, they started to design and manufacture yachts. After three years of hard work and struggle, the four companies pursued speed while at the same time designing, comforting And the quality of the yacht was born, and the yacht, in fact, is reflected Bo Star yacht on the ocean and enjoy the unique insights.


3: Riva

Riva yacht is not her pure FRP replica, but the pinnacle of the peak, with its own unique charm. Often yacht manufacturers counterfeit or learn from Riva yacht shape design, but can not copy her temperament connotation: shark-like elegant body line, precious wood, from generation to generation of technology, and pay attention to the details at all costs, bring you The incomparable comfort, reliability, performance and status symbol. The Riva Yachts are slender, hull-shaped and have perfect lines. The handrail safety bar is designed to make the stern area more spacious and at the same time to be integrated with the overall line. The center console is equipped with the latest generation of navigators, while the hydraulic driver's seat follows the typical design on the Rivarama. Cabin space, to maximize the satisfaction of owners to comfort requirements, light-colored oak and Ubonwood reflects the brand's unique elegance, while adding fashion.


2: Wally

Wally Yachts is a typical luxury yacht brand representatives, specializing in the production of sailing yachts and motor yachts Yachting WALI yachts, yachts can be customized according to size and skateboard. As early as 1999, the famous "Panorama" magazine summarized the hobbies of Italian rich people at that time: the Wal-Mart yacht, the yellow diamond of 1 carat size, the Harley motorcycle, the loophole Piana llama cloak, inlaid crystal Gucci brand swimsuit. In addition to luxury yachts, Wally Yachts also develops and produces sailing and motor yachts that can be custom-made to size and skateboarding. The design of each Wally yacht product is based on a practical application development approach designed to bring the design to the heart of innovative technology and produce products that are superior in performance, safe, easy to handle and attractive in appearance.


1: Holy Tide

With its superb craftsmanship, sumptuous design concept, elegant and subtle layout, and rich classical aristocracy, the santa tide yacht ranks among the world's top luxury yacht brands. Every year, a limited number of limited production and to ensure every craft is immaculate craftsmanship, much of the popular social celebrities, especially from the racing industry celebrities.

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