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That's why most Disney characters wear gloves

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That's why most Disney characters wear gloves

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Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pinocchio and more Disney characters have a regular glove accessory. Although there are many surprising facts about Disney's most famous characters, wearing gloves on animated characters is actually a very logical move.


The short answer to why so many characters wear gloves is that animation is an intensive process. It takes time and precision to create the characters and love you know. Animators want to make their work easier and faster with a few tricks and hacks. According to V ox, one of these strategies is to use rounded edges instead of angles. Therefore, this also means simplifying features such as hands to make the animation process faster.


Still, in the era of black and white comics, it is difficult to separate the circular hand of the character from the black body. Gloves are an easy way to make their hands stand out. In fact, Walt Disney may be the first person to wear gloves for his character in The O pry House, starring Mickey Mouse, who starred in Vox. Once the animation is removed from black and white, Mickey and his good friends will leave their signature white gloves.


In addition, in order to keep the animation simple, Walt Disney told his biographer Bob Thomas that another reason for the existence of gloves is: humanized mouse. According to the "New York Times" report, Disney told Thomas in 1957, "We don't want him to have a mouse hand because he should be more human." "So we gave him the gloves. On such a small person, five fingers seem to Too much, so we took one. It was just an animated finger. "All these nostalgic Disney conversations make us want to go back and see the old photos of these 18 Mickey Mouse.


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