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The Origin of Halloween

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The Origin of Halloween

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Halloween is All Saints English Day, also known as the "holy day", Catholic and orthodox festivals, is a traditional festival in western countries. Chinese often mistakenly referred to as the Halloween Halloween. "Hallow" is derived from Middle English halwen, and holy is very close to the etymology, in some areas of Scotland and Canada, still known as Halloween "All Hallow Mas". On that day, to be held at the service (Mass) is celebrated in all saint day (Hallow). Now the society for commercial interests or other purposes, full of demons in the night of October 31st to organize all kinds of activities, a complete departure from the sacred meaning of Halloween.


There are many versions of Halloween, which are widely circulated:

Two thousand years ago, the European Christian church on November 1st as "World Day Saints" (All Hallows'Day). "Hallow" means saints. Legend since five hundred BC, living in Ireland, Scotland and other places of the Celtic (Celts) moved forward this festive day, October 31st. They feel that the day is the formal end of the summer days, it is at the beginning of the new year, the harsh winter to start the day. At that time people believed that the spirits of the enemy on this day back in the house to find him in the living creatures, so as to regeneration, and it is people can only hope for regeneration after death. The living dead souls are afraid to take away life, so people will put out the fire on this day, candlelight, let the dead soul cannot find him, and put himself into the soul of the dead demons and ghosts away. After that, they will fire, candles renewed Start a new year of life


Halloween is an autumn holiday originally praise, like the May Festival is praise of spring. Ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland priest - Druid a praise of Autumn Festival, from October 31st to November 1st at midnight the next day, lasted for one day. He believed that their great death that night - Salman the man was dead called ghost all these evil spirits as the livestock health care should be punished. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, was enough to make simple minded fools who tremble with fear. So they lit up the fire, and close surveillance of these evil spirits. This was the start Halloween everywhere and the witch the ghosts. So far in some isolated areas in Europe, some people believe that this is true.


The ancient Romans also have a holiday in November 1st, it was used to pay tribute to their goddess of Bomona. They roasted nuts and apples in the fire before. Our Halloween seems to be by the Romans and the Druid festival festival blend into.


Halloween activities in the original is very simple, but most are in church. But in the whole of Europe, people have Halloween as fun, a good opportunity to tell a ghost story and scare each other. So people no longer put this festival to celebrate the autumn, let it become a genie, witch and ghost festival.


Happay Halloween!


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