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Shenzhen Third Red Bay International Surfing Competition.

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The Third Red Bay International Surfing Competition

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Shenzhen, one of the birthplaces of early Chinese surfers, has been growing. The third Red Sea International Surfing 2017 event, which ended last weekend, brought a surfer party to the local wavers.

From the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Russia, Shenzhen and local waves, together in this "low-key industrial wave" conducted an international competition.

Surfing is a very important factor is that there must be suitable for the conditions of the waves, the Red Sea Bay 88 full coverage of such conditions. During the competition, high-quality waves made the contestants perform better. The Red Bay 88 wavers have been surfing for the third consecutive year.

The significance of the game lies in more exchanges, learning, challenging self-improvement. In consecutive years of events we have seen more of the growth of Chinese players, which is the ultimate significance of the game.

The contestants have something to say:

Local surfer Hong Tsai:

"As a local surfer, I've seen children surfing after surfing body surf since 2011. I am delighted that more and more surfers are surfing here, and the surf conditions here are not good, Over the past three years, Red Bay surfing is also gradually expanding, I hope every one who come here can feel the fun of this wave.

Chen Guoquan:

"This time I am very happy to be able to participate in the competition with wave friends from all over the country. From this I can see my own deficiencies and I will try harder"

Chen Mingjun:

"Shanwei competition is already the third, and every competition saw the progress of domestic players, but also to allow more foreign players to understand China's surfing.Although every Shanwei race, regardless of surfing and weather are not the best The situation, however, we have overcome all kinds of difficulties, to play their own level.

Surfing for local development, especially in tourism has greatly promoted the Shanwei surfing competition is already an international competition. Now a Shanwei high-speed rail station drivers will ask if they are going to the Red Bay surfing. Including many local children also started surfing, the level is also progressing rapidly, so the future Shanwei Red Bay is likely to establish a surfing base and become an international wave. "

Luo Ling:

"Very happy to participate in the International Surfing Competition held at 88 waves in the Red Bay, Shanwei, which is not as good as normal during most of the two days in the competition, but in the competition, I saw the manipulation of every wave by domestic and foreign masters, I sincerely lamented that it is not the wave is not the technology is not in place.I hope there will be more waves in the future government like the Red Bay government can support and assist the game so that we have the opportunity to exchange views and other ronin to experience the waves of different waves, Let more people know about surfing. "

Next year, we expect 88 waves in the Red Bay

Bring more high-quality matches for Chinese surfers!

88, goodbye in the coming year!


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