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The only solidified "ocean wave" in the world where surf can drip and stick

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If you're walking around the city of Hayden in Western Australia, you may be intimidated by the huge waves that pop in suddenly. On this bare, dry land, this huge wave rises flat. In fact, this is a famous tourist attraction in Perth near the city of Hayden: Wave Rock.

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Why named wave rock is also a glance of things. Its shape resembles a huge wave of waves that are about to be crushed, with the side radian of the waves vivid and natural, as if it were really going to beach at any moment. In fact, when you look closer, you will find the texture of the wave rock is very clear and different in depth. The waves of black, gray, red, brown and khaki make the wave rock look more vivid.

This wave rock is nature has spent 2.5 billion years slowly "carved" made, it was originally just an ordinary bunk buried in the rock, in the long years, with a variety of chemical composition of water infiltration Underground slowly eroded and loosened the rock bottom. After the soil around the rock was washed away, the bottom of the rock exposed the ground. And then supplemented by strong wind dug to the lower rock, it formed a curled piece of rock. The rock surface texture is due to rain washed the surface of minerals and chemicals formed. Work so fine, and sure enough nature is the best craftsman.

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Such a magical rock, before 1963 are unknown. Until a photographer named Joy Hodges discovered a wave of rock on a trip, shines and photographs the wave rock. This group of photos later boarded the cover of "National Geographic magazine", for a time, reputation. Now the wave rock has become the darling of the photographer, many photographers specifically selected at noon time over the wave rock viewfinder, because this is the day, wave rock line the most vivid color moment. Noon sun shines on the smooth rock surface, the entire sea waves flashing mysterious and understated light, magnificent.

As one of Western Australia's landmarks, the wave rock attracts millions of tourists every year to see the beauty. Even the eight-hour round trip from Perth to the Wave Rock still can not stop the visitor's enthusiasm. If you also want to go to the wave rock drip non-stick "surfing", it is recommended starting from the city of Perth, you can also tour in the town of York along the double. Yorktown is Western Australia's oldest inland town, quiet and beautiful, with a very British style. Take a walk in the small town of York, take a look at the ancient buildings, and then proceed to the Wave Rock, the journey will be much richer.


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