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The surfer was shot down by a 23-meter wave and the rescuers also lost control of the sea

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According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 5, in a storm in Nazaré, Portugal, professional surfer Pedro 'Scooby' Vianna at a speed of 45 miles About 72 km) speed surfing, was 75 feet (about 23 meters) high waves shot down, crashed into the sea, rushed to rescue his companions are also trapped in the sea like him. A drone captured the failed rescue operation.

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After Scooby crashed into the sea, his friend and companion, Chumbo, had to take a jet ski to save him, but he fell into the sea as he lost control of the choppy sea. After Chumbo fell into the water and was forced to approach the rock, the situation was so critical that professional surfer Pato drove his jet ski to rescue both of them and brought them both ashore. In the end, none of the three were injured.


The following are the matters of attention

Sea waves

The best waves to surf the middle of the crash to the slopes of both sides of the waves to promote the best, the most dangerous waves in a row surging instantaneous collapse of the waves, in case of such waves, the best ashore to rest. Surfing if you encounter when out to the ocean out of the current, as long as the direction of the slope to follow the current, grasp the waves, do not lose the safety of the rope and choose to swim back, it is best to lie on the waves waiting for the rescue board.



In the surfboard and surf collision, you can not manually pull the safety of foot rope and surfboard. Encounter mad dog waves outside the sea, to quickly throw the surfboard behind, quickly dive water dive. If you see the jellyfish appears, or be bitten by the jellyfish, you must ashore to rest.


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