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Video sharing app Tik Tok inspired the enthusiasm of Kuwaiti teenagers

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Video sharing app Tik Tok inspired the enthusiasm of Kuwaiti teenagers

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Tik Tok is a popular Chinese video sharing app that became part of the daily life of the 11-year-old Kuwaiti girl Afraa Mohammed.


The sixth grade Afraa focuses on increasing the number of viewers by playing more videos. She said that many of her classmates followed her to Tik Tok.


The Tik Tok app has become a phenomenon in Kuwait, and it is now possible to see girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 13 broadcasting in shopping centers and parks, especially when the weather is good.


Students compete for more likesin their applications.

Afraa's mother told the Xinhua News Agency: "My daughter has more than a thousand fans, most of whom are friends from school and abroad. She produced videos from Tik Tok by editing videos that match passionate music."


Some Kuwaitis use Tik Tok to promote children's products, such as Abu Omar, which sells Slime, a smooth, slimy toy.


Based on sensor tower data, Tik Tok ranked fifth in Kuwait's list of free apps on Sunday, providing ratings for all applications in countries around the world.


12-year-old Ali Nasser said that the most attractive aspect of Tik Tok is that its video editing time is less than 15 seconds, and there are amazing editing tools that allow users to create better videos.


Ali's father, Yousef Nasser, admits that it is difficult for him to accept the app and worry about the privacy of his child's life.


Yusuf said: "I convinced him to change his account to a private mood, which only applies to his friends and blocks comments, chats and video sharing."


Tik Tok's original idea was that the user said that the scene for synchronizing the songs did not exceed 15 seconds. While teenagers around the world are impressed with the many challenges they face, the content of the app varies.


Some people use it to summarize how to prepare a dish, while others show how to prepare their artwork.


Tik Tok is known as Douyin in China and began to spread widely in China in September 2016. It is now one of the most beneficial applications for Kuwaiti teenagers.


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