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The water scooter sport is a high-speed water sport that combines high-tech, watch, competition, and thrills, with modern civilization.

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The water scooter sport is a high-speed water sport that combines high-tech, watch, competition, and thrills, with modern civilization. The scenes of the competition are spectacular, colorful, and thrilling. It is one of the world’s most recognized competitive sports events with higher ratings (second only to the Olympics, World Cup football and F1 cars).



Water-skiing is an extreme sport favored by people who love water. The stimulation it brings is that anyone who likes speed wants to try and surpass it. In the competition, the jet skis are dominated by racing competitions. The game is closed 

In the racing field, the main technical links include acceleration, overtaking and sprinting. China has participated in many world championships and international competitions and won many awards. Some projects have reached the world's advanced level.



When jet skis begin to appear in people's daily lives, we also hope that those lively scenes in the movie and the exciting scenes in the game can be performed on them. In fact, as long as the coach is under the guidance of a little, we can also drive to the sea on their own. The surface of the water is important, but playing with the patterns depends not only on the size of the waters, but also on the technology and understanding of the water.

How to play 1: Overturning spray

At the center of the water, you can circulate around and continue to set off waves. However, it should be noted that during the process of turning, the amount of oil should be properly reduced.

Point of stimulation: When the high-rise waves spray wet clothes, the self will be greatly satisfied in this action.

How to play 2: Straight swing

Like many land motorcycle players, when rushing to a certain location, relying on the sudden turning of the leg touch force can also be tried on the water, but it can not be done by relying on the strength of the legs. A distance of about 60 meters (or try not to try as much as possible on the surface of the ship) allows enough space for the motorboat to gliding over.

Exciting points: The main task of turning is the use of the throttle. If you can smoothly turn your head around with little deceleration, you know how hard it is to “float”.

How to play 3: Wind and waves

In the wide sea area, there will be waves arising from the passing of a cruise ship. At this time, people with good stability enjoy challenging the moment when the waves rush through.

However, it should be noted that it must not be too close to other waterborne vessels. Usually, it should be kept between 20 and 30 meters. At the same time, it is not possible to reduce the amount of oil to avoid being overturned by waves due to sudden deceleration.

Stimulus: It's speed.

Self-rescue method: The jet ski can increase speed instantly, and the surface water is more than 60 kilometers per hour. Because there is no brake system, it can only rely on deceleration or flameout at the beach.


For beginners, you need to be escorted by a coach to avoid falling into the water. If you accidentally fall into it, don't worry. Before you jump over the bike, the connected insurance (the key of the electronic ignition switch is hung on the driver's wrist by a strong plastic cord). When falling into the water, the electronic cord switch will instantly disengage from the motorcycle, and the machine will automatically shut down and stop moving to ensure personal safety.

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