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Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding originated from Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing and now claims to be Britain's fastest-growing watersport.

Using balance and strength, participants use an over-sized surfing board and paddle to race on lakes, large rivers, canals and along the coast lines of oceans.

The sport combines elements of kayaking and surfing and despite being a low-impact sport, it works out nearly every muscle in your body! All ages and abilities are able to give paddle boarding a go, so what are you waiting for?

And if you fancy another fun paddle boarding sport, why not try paddle boarding polo? 

Paddle Boarding

Body boarding

Body boarding (or boogie boarding) is all about launching yourself into the waves of a surf beach and having a whole lot of fun!

Participants usually adopt the 'prone' position, which consists of riding the waves while lying on their stomach; however the 'drop knee' position is also popular.

The board is made from a light-weight piece of foam which allows the force of the waves to propel the rider through the water to shore.

The stronger the wave, the faster the ride.

Unlike surfing, body boarding can be enjoyed anywhere there are waves.

Body boarding

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